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To bundle or not to bundle, that is the question

By | 6th June 2017

Kevin Werry CICRA’s Telecoms Regulatory Manager considers the changing face of telecoms provision in the Channel Islands and asks the question to bundle or not to bundle? Over recent years telecoms operators and consumers have seen a benefit in bundling products.  For many of us it is inconceivable to consider buying a telephone landline without… Read More »

The telecoms future for the Channel Islands depends on the choices we make

By | 10th November 2016

At the risk of stating the obvious, the landscape for future telecoms in the islands is changing beyond recognition. As the telecoms regulator, CICRA is charged with setting the context for achieving a sound and healthy telecoms sector in the future. The policy direction set by the States in both Jersey and Guernsey are, of… Read More »

Reducing the burden of regulation

By | 1st September 2016

For several years, as part of the Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities’ regulation of the telecoms sector, it has been a requirement for the two incumbent operators in Guernsey and Jersey (Sure and JT, respectively) to provide regulatory accounts for inspection by CICRA. These accounts are a bespoke arrangement designed specifically for the regulator… Read More »